Mini Makeover Winner

A couple of months ago, I offered a free mini-makeover to one person in a Facebook contest.   Michelle P. in Arlington was the lucky winner, and she chose to update her den.    THANK YOU MICHELLE FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHOWCASE YOUR ROOM!  She has a great house which gives us a good base to work from.   She told me that she’d like to lighten things up and maybe add a splash of color, giving some life to the brown in the room.  We used her artwork above the sofa which had some blues and brick red tones in it.   We chose to keep all of her existing furniture in the room, just scooting two chairs closer together.  The ottoman became a coffee table when we added the tray, and now the pillows give color and personality to her leather sofa.

The brick fireplace is the focal point in the room, but hadn’t really been updated in a while.  Again, our goal was to lighten things up, so we layered some white wood pieces on the mantle and brought in a green potted plant.  Easy!  Remember tall, medium, and short for table tops and mantles when grouping items.

Even though I used my own basic camera for the photos, you can see how we brought together some of the newer accessories to give the pops of blue and white into the bookcase beside the fireplace.  If your books are a hodge-podge of colors, flip them around to see the white/creamy pages. Also, taking a book jacket off the book can give a cleaner look.   Stack accessories to vary the height.  We incorporated a mirror on the lower shelf, which not only hid an electrical outlet, but also reflected light at that low level.   

For the side table, we wanted to move the clock down a few inches so it didn’t feel lonely, but it was not going to budge off of that wall, so we just improvised.  We found a creamy distressed-looking tin from her back porch to give some weight to the configuration, placed a bread basket (from Magnolia Market in Waco – love that place) in front with green “foliage” balls, and kept her tall lamp.  The table had some beautiful accessories before, but especially in photos, smaller things seem more like clutter.   Remember, items smaller than a cantaloupe don’t photograph well.  I know, I know… we all have things that are smaller and we all have photographs of our family in our rooms.  That’s perfectly fine when you’re living in and loving your space!   If you’re marketing your home to sell it though,  those things are a no-no.    And no, Michelle is not selling her house.   The new look definitely gave her some inspiration to look for accessories that not only had pops of color, but allowed her to consider using white.  

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