Services to Fit Every Need...

We specialize in occupied home staging, vacant home staging, and redesign services.  Call us at 817-657-0760.

Occupied Staging

Using furniture and accessories that homeowners already have, we rework the spaces to make them look  appealing to the potential buyer.  We update using beautiful accessories and create emotional connection pieces.  At the end of our fun time together, we ​capture great photos of everything.  See the Occupied Homes menu for more details.

Vacant Staging

Because only about 10% of buyers can visualize their home in an empty space, we work together with our furniture rental company and beautiful accessories to make the vacant home look warm and inviting.  We offer budget and premiere packages, catering to you.  See the Vacant Homes menu for more details.

Redesign Services

If you are happy where you live, but you envision updated and refreshed rooms, we can help you achieve your goals.  We'll start with what you already have and love, and build upon it.  You'll fall in love with your home again!  Call us for details, and we can get started with your ideas.


For homeowners interested in purchases done for them during the staging process, I offer a shopping service. You provide the budget, and I'll find perfect pieces to complement your home.  Finding updated accessories is vital to staging and redesign.   Fee is $75 per hour.

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