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GO Month – Get Organized Month

Laundry Room to Envy

Welcome to GO (Get Organized) month - January.  A RESA (real estate stager association) friend shared that with me.   She's a professional in organization, which I am not.  I'm pretty organized - but not professional.  I aspire to have things organized though, so that's why I'm sharing.  Also, after giving four staging consultations this week, I quickly realized that organized people can get their houses ready to sell in lightning speed.  I know not everyone has a laundry room that looks like this (, but...most homes I see have shelving or cabinets above their washer and dryer, and many have a clothes rod.  What's the difference?   Well, check out this photo below.  

This is comparable to what I normally see, especially when it's in a room with a door.  I get it!  We're all busy!  We all have lots of "stuff."  Here's what I'd tell my seller.  Use baskets or decorative boxes on the shelves to hide away essential cleaning products and items such as light bulbs, toilet paper, everyday tools, etc.  Anything that's not essential for a few months gets packed and stored in the garage or a storage unit.  Nothing except maybe one beautiful backpack or bag should be hanging on the wall.   So where do all of the brooms, dusters, mops, etc. go?  You hide them away - for showings and especially MLS photos!!!  What about this big laundry sorter?  Unless it's built into an alcove in the wall or in a cabinet, it gets stored somewhere else.  When your house is for sale, no buyer wants to see your laundry or think about chores.  They want to subconciously feel like everything is magically organized and clean in your house.  

Linen Closet Love

On to the bathroom or hall linen closet...fluffy white towels hanging in the bathrooms are the perfect addition to make the bathroom feel spa-like.   Where do you store the extras?  Like this in the closet.  I seriously do envy the organization of this, since my husband thinks a variety of colors of towels are desirable.  I say "white" or "off-white" - that way you can bleach them and wash them all together with another of my favorites - white sheets!  I like how they at also have their cleaning products in an attractive basket.  A+ for organization here!

Pantry to die for!

And one more inspiration photo for organization - look at this pantry from  Now, to be honest, I don't know anyone who lives like this.  Where's the mac-n-cheese boxes, the chips, they canned goods, etc.?  And the spices!   My 75 spices live in the containers they came in.  I can brag that they are in alphabetical order because years ago I discovered that doing that would change my cooking world.   I do like the clear containers with the chalkboard-style labels and the baskets to contain items in this photo.   Buyers really don't expect this, but I suggest grouping like items together, combining snacks into one basket, displaying cans with labels all facing forward, and throw away anything that's expired or nearly empty.  Make sure nothing is on the floor or hanging on the door. Another A+ for pantry organization though!  

Good luck with your organization endeavors.  Whether it's part of your January resolution or just another month when you want to gain control, you'll be glad you spent the time to organize a space.  

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