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Taking a House from Ho-Hum to Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Occupied homes are quite the challenge.  We use what the seller has as much as possible so that it saves them money, time, and hassle.  This home was just outside the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex so it had a semi-rural feel.  Large lots with occassional horse pastures and open fields are common.  We wanted to keep the rustic vibe, while bringing in some modern and updated accessories.  In the living room, we reconfigured the rustic tables and benches to gain focal points and better flow.  Check out the new rug and pops of blue on the sofa.  Coffee table accessories, beautiful horse art, and a creative corner for reading, playing the guitar, kicking off boots, whatever...brings a bit of modern to increase home buyer desire.  The casual corner is a better look in a living room than the bar height cafe table. Buyers won't be confused as to where the dining areas are.  I'm sure you can distinguish between the three after photos and the two before photos.  Don't you love the difference?

We have to give the seller kudos here.  He gave us permission to move anything around and use anything in the house.  He installed a new sink, faucet, and overhead light fixtures which brightened up the kitchen immensely.  We rolled in the bar height table with the fun cafe stools.  All we added was a pitcher of fresh greenery, a pop of color through artwork and a bowl of lemons.  We created a coffee vignette and a drink tray.  Nothing really fancy in here because we work within a homeowner's budget.  But...what an improvement!

Below you'll notice how large the dining table was for this kitchen nook space.  We moved that into the dining room space and the nook now feels so much bigger.  Perfect for a quick breakfast or just hanging out by the person cooking dinner.

Now for my favorite room...the dining room.  This chandelier seemed a little outdated without the furniture in here.  All that was in this room before were some musical instruments and a kitchen island that was never used.  We rolled that out to the enclosed patio facing the back pasture.  Here is the same table from the previous picture.  It fits so much better, and looks gorgeous because we added updated nailhead fabric parsons chairs.  We styled some organic plants and fruit in a natural wicker basket, which brings texture and a feeling of casual living.  Like the art on the wall?  That was the owners, and we liked the pop of orange it brings to the space. 

Now for the master bedroom.  We actually really liked the purplish-gray walls in here and when the owner replaced the fan lightbulbs with LED bright white, the room was instantly brightened.  Just a quick you notice the lamp light looks more yellow/gold?  That's because they are soft white.  If they were bright white also, this master retreat would look even better.  Here we brought in some light canvas art, fresh pillows, and a soft textured throw. Very inviting!

The master bath had the same wall color, which is a pretty personal color choice.  Usually we recommend a neutral tone, but the owner had already painted another room, bathroom and hallway.  Remember what I said about seller's budgets?  We work within them.  This is a moderately trendy color and these unprofessional photos also make them look more "purple" than "purple-gray."  Most buyers will still find it pretty tasteful.  We tucked away all personal toiletries and towels, and just styled with fresh white towels (not seen) an orchid, and a couple pieces of art that the owner already had.  What a pretty space!

This bedroom turned about to be a sweet little room.  We added colorful pillows, art, and a great chair.   This room is actually pretty tiny - not even room for a nightstand, but it feels more spacious with the big windows and the chair that somehow balances out the big full-size bed.  Don't judge the bedskirt too harshly.  We are paid for our time in a house, and some little details aren't as important.  Have you ever noticed that your eyes wouldn't really notice the bedskirt if you were actually in the room, but photos reveal every "flaw?"  It's due to the 2-D nature of photos and the angle of the photographer.  We're accustomed to "seeing" about 5-6 ft. high off the ground, not 1-6 inches from the floor.  

And now for the study.  This room was used as a workout room.  There were padded "tiles" over the hardwood floors and gym equipment was on top.  That's an awesome use of a room while you live in a house, but not when you're selling.  The French doors open up to the living room and dining room, so an office makes better sense.  We used the sellers cowhide rug, lamp, chair and plants.  We brought in the desk, tray, pillow, and art.   Now buyers can visualize the room for themselves.  

And for the screened-in patio.  We carried two rockers to the front porch and left two right here on the back porch with a similar setup.  Pops or orange pillows and white hydrangeas make you want to sit a spell, and have a cup of coffee - or wine - or something different!  When you see the before photo, we rolled out the big kitchen island and placed it on the far side in front of part of the screened wall.  We styled that as a beverage station, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  And naturally, everything else was removed and the floor was swept clean.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today.  Remember that if you need help styling your home where you want to continue living, or if you're wanting staged to sell it for top dollar, reach out to us.  You relax. We stage.  Have an awseome day!   -Shana

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