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Linen Closets Talk to Buyers

Did you know that organizing your linen closet could be REALLY IMPORTANT when your house is on the market?   What?????   The photographer will take pictures of that????  No,  however, great staging and great photos draw prospective buyers to your house, and they look around. Maybe everything looks clean, spacious, and pulled together in the rooms. That's great, but imagine if they open your bathroom or hall linen closet and see something like this below.  Surprise!  It's not like the rest of the house!  Take for example this photo below.  Well, let's face it. This one is NOT the worst we've ever seen!   Nothing is bursting out when you open the doors, but subtly, you're telling the buyer something about how you care for your house, whether it looks like this....

unorganized closet

...or when it looks tidy and organized.   Now, I know we all like to dream that our closets look like the photo that I found below, but most people truly have closets like the one here at   I bet there's a before and after tutorial for this one.  Yep, here it is!  This girl really got it together right after moving into a new home.  That's the thing.  It takes time to make a look good, but it's so worth it! 

 I don't pretend to know all of the answers, but every blog I've read and video I've watched talk about the same similar tips.

And here's the deal when you're selling.  You're linen closet looks great, so subconsciously your potential buyer believes your HVAC system must be in perfect working order and you change the filters regularly.   You surely must have a pest control person out quarterly to take care of well...pests.   All of your wiring and bulbs naturally are in perfect condition, and no dog has ever had a little accident on the carpet.  Ever!

If your closets or pantry look chaotic, catastrophic, sad or overstuffed, the buyer psychology says that you don't take proper care of your HVAC, oven, plumbing, carpet, etc., and there's not enough storage in your house to meet their needs.  

See what I mean?  This makes sense, right?

tidy linen closet

photo credit: dory fitz

So here are eight tips that are common to every "expert" I found out there.

 1.  Clear out the closet.

2.  Put like items together. Small, irregular items should go into baskets or bins.

3.  After sorting, find correctly-sized bins, tubs, or baskets to corral some items.  Pick storage pieces that are the same color, or all neutral.

4.  Wipe down all of the shelves and mop or vacuum the floor.

5.  Fold towels all the same direction and put the folded side out.  

6.  Purge (throw away) items that are expired or unused.

7.  When folding sheets, store the whole set in one pillow case.

8.  Use large baskets or totes on the floor to contain large items.

Are you inspired when you see other people show you transformations?   I am!    So, I've posted a few YouTube video links here for you to check out.   Whether it's your house, or your seller's house, I encourage you (or them) to find some inspiration,  visit a store like Hobby Lobby or Dollar General to buy some storage bins, and get that linen closet in tip-top shape!   You'll be so happy you took the extra step to show off your home.

This video is by Miss Liz Heart and it inspired me.

15 Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet! 

Another video I really like was by Kathryn at Do It on a Dime.  She bought all of her storage baskets at the Dollar Tree!   Organizing can be super inexpensive and still look great!  

CHEAP ORGANIZING | Linen Closet & Bathroom

I hope you found this helpful!  Once you get one closet organized, you'll have the motivation to tackle your pantry or another closet. One extra benefit to this is you will have gone through a lot of your things, so that you can begin packing when the time is right. 

Want some advice on your laundry room?  Click here to see my post about that critical space.  

Let me know if you need other tips, or if I can help you in any way!

Happy organizing!

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