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Top 10 Must-Haves to Stage Your House to Sell

"What kinds of things should I have on hand to help my house look amazing when I'm selling it?"  I get this question all of the time.  So to make it easy, I'm providing my Top 10 Must-Haves to Stage Your House to Sell right here. These items can be merely inspiration for you, or this can be a one-stop shopping experience which should save you time (since you're not going anywhere) and probably money (especially if you're getting free shipping).   Now, styling with all of things can still be a challenge, so I recommend that you hire a certified Home Stager who is a member of RESA - Real Estate Staging Association to arrange things perfectly.  You'll be ahead of the game if you have some of these items on hand. 

white brick exterior house


Enough explanation.  Let's dig right in.

Let's start with the LIVING ROOM.   Often, it's one of the first areas buyers see.   I'd suggest  #1 some new colorful pillows and # 2  a textured throw that coordinates.  This will really ramp up your sofa and chairs, especially if your sofa is dark or a little outdated.  Here are a few examples/links to get you going.  (By the way, I may receive a small commission on some of these items at no extra cost to you.  Just want to be transparent, and helpful at the same time!)   

 Great start! #3  Now, ya' need some art - art that is large and either is colorful and matches your pillow pops of color, or very neutral that provides something calm on a bare wall. 

living room with pillows and throw


Here are a few selections I suggest.  Remember LARGE is better than small.  Maybe one of these would look great, or find something similar in your color scheme.   

Next, let's tackle the kitchen.    After clearing almost everything away, I think it's important to have #4  a tray. It  can corral either the coffee maker "stuff", or maybe use it to ground some accessories and/or plants to create a focal area.   Also #5 Grab some nice coffee mugs and maybe some limes, green apples, or lemons to add a pop of color in the kitchen.  Purchase real fruit from the grocery store or find some faux lemons at places like Hobby Lobby or Tuesday Morning.

updated kitchen


coffee station
lemons on cake pedestal



Now let's tackle the master bedroom.    Many homes have flat pillows, random-sized pillows and bedding that's either outdated, too small, or almost non-existing.   So, let's ramp up the bed which is the focal point of the bedroom.   #6 Get a king-size white/light comforter or coverlet with matching shams if you have a king bed.  Buy a queen if you have a queen-size bed.   Invest in one you'll take with you to the next house!  

master bedroom with white bedding


Here are a couple of choices that I like.  

Time for #7- Get new big, thick fluffy pillows to put those shams on.  Your regular sleeping pillows can hide behind those.   Remember items #1 and #2?   Add some colorful pillows and a throw blanket to the bed to make it even better. 

Lighting is Everything in your House!

Finally, in the bedroom add #8  two matching lamps for each side of the bed.  I'd suggest tall ones for a night stand.  If you don't have nightstands, no worries...get 2 matching floor lamps or 2 tall vases with cut greenery.  I do believe lamps are better because they brighten the room, but Hey, sometimes you have to go with what you have.   Look at this great idea below!

bed with nice pillows


Alright, here are a couple of nice lamps.  Remember to buy two!

bed with matching lamps

photo: chchomes

Then there's the bathroom...every bathroom in your house.  Buy some new #9 towels.   White fluffy towels work great in any room.   If you must have a color, I suggest something that coordinates with a shower curtain or any art in your bathroom.  Hang them in 1/3s and DON'T USE THEM!   We want them to look like they're in a model home! 

Post Pinterest


Now you may have noticed one item that repeats in all of these beautiful rooms.   What could it be?    Bright lighting, yes of course.  Clean surfaces, oh yes.  But something that's common that you may not have noticed is #10 PLANTS!   Plants appeal to everyone and bring a sense of life into the room.   So, if you have a green thumb, let's get a plant in almost every room.   If you're like me and you forget to take care of them, then I've put a few faux plants here for you to choose from.

entry table with a plant


I hope you've enjoyed these tips on home staging.  Preparing your home to sell takes work, but when it's time to move, many sellers are glad that they've already packed away a lot of their items and gone through what they want to carry with them to their new home.   Happy shopping and staging!  If you need help, you know where to find me!