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Priority Staging

I published on Facebook a while back a post about rooms most critical for staging according to the 2019 Profile of Home Staging. You may remember it.  It's no surprise that a living room ranked first.  And the kitchen? Well, it's the heart of the home.  Why is the master bedroom so important?  Buyers need to know if the bedroom can handle a king-size bed, or just a queen-size.  And will there be room for nightstands, or maybe even a lounge chair?   Buyers want to know, and they don't carry furniture dimensions and a measuring tape around with them.   At least 99% of the people don't anyway.   (My own statistic!)

What the report did not tell you is this.   When a potential buyer walks into a house, the most important areas to have staged are all of the rooms one can see from the entry - including the entryway!  Isn't this where guests are first greeted and made to feel welcome??   That's why I wrote an entire blogpost called 7 Simple Tips to Design Your Entryway. Click here to jump on over and read all about it.  

photo: Avilow

The entryway above has a clean look, a new neutral rug (which is optional when staging because buyers want to see the floors), a beautiful greenery/floral arrangement, great lighting, and art peaking around the corner which pulls the eye in to see what's next.   These are all good things!  What if this room was vacant, and buyers walked straight into a white wall?  It's a nice white wall, but with the decor, it's a WOW wall!

If the buyer can see the living room, dining room, a staircase, and an office from just a few steps inside the house, we recommend staging all of those areas.  If you're looking to save money and not stage everything, the secondary bedrooms are the ones to write off.  Parents understand that small bedrooms should be able to work for a twin bed and a small dresser. They'll want to check it out, but it's not nearly as important.  Check out those percentages above again.   The other place that I would recommend staging is the back patio IF there's a large space and IF the backyard is amazing.   A typical concrete patio with a small grassy backyard does not need any furniture for sure.  Maybe just a pot or two of colorful flowers would be nice.  


If your home has a backyard that has a selling feature like this amazing fireplace and pergola, then you'd better stage it.   This is critical if you want to get the most for your property.   Overall, just put yourself in your buyer's shoes and think about what they'd really like to have staged.  If your kitchen nook is your absolute favorite place in your house because of the awesome view, then by all means, get it staged!

Now if the home is occupied by the sellers, then every room in the house should be staged. Absolutely!   There is already furniture and decor.  Occupied staging is JUST AS IMPORTANT as vacant staging.   Buyers cannot see past personal items, outdated decor, clutter, dog bowls, and cleaning products.   Occupied staging is really my specialty.   It takes a certain kind of stager that can help the seller understand this and buy in to the staging process.  This is why I love it!  

We can help with all of your staging needs.   Give us a call if you want assistance.