6 Everyday Items for Fall Decorating

Here are six everyday items to use for fall decorating that can take you through each season, each holiday, and will make decorating easier and ultimately less expensive. Do you have items in your house that are similar to these?  You'll be amazed how you can decorate with things that you already own!  Get ready to read more!!

 Let's go through each one, one at a time to see how you can decorate for Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving.  Next time, I'm going to use some of these same everyday items to decorate for Christmas in the blog.  Just wait and see!

If you don't have items like these and want some, I'll link a few at the bottom of this post.   I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.

1.  Cake Pedestals 

Cake pedestals are great for fall decorating - with or without a lid!  Here I've chosen two in varying sizes that I purchased last year.  These are wood and metal, but glass or ceramic are perfect as well!  I stacked fake pumpkins that I've had for years and just added a fall-themed towel and a cute little sign that I think I bought at Canton Trade Days years ago.  Remember to choose pumpkins of different sizes so that you add some interest with the layers.  This happens to sit at my coffee bar area- my favorite spot in the house, but it could also work as a centerpiece for your dining or coffee table.  It would be so welcoming in an entryway too!

2.  Bowls and Trays

I used the dough bowl that was in my first picture and again, just filled it with a little greenery (and orange leaves) and some pumpkins of various sizes.  This can take me straight through Thanksgiving easily!   The trick here is that your bowl or tray needs to be LARGE.  Mine measures about 10 inches x 20 inches.   Don't try it with small trays or soup bowls.  Think BIGGER!  Lay the greenery in first, so that the pumpkins will cover up the stems.  

3.  Hurricane or Apothecary Jars

This is everyday living here - no professional photos!  But you get the idea!   Large vases, even iced tea dispensers can be used for your fall decorating.  Just find something large and clear.  Pop in some greenery, pine cones, pumpkins, moss balls, Halloween candy, whatever!  I have one piece of faux greenery here combined with some dried branches from the yard.  Keep it simple and you won't mind changing it out for the next holiday.  

4.  Candlesticks & Candles

I found these three candlesticks at a thrift store this week.   Originally, they were purchased from World Market, but I got them for a steal!  I have battery-operated candles on top and yes, one candle is a little more off-white because I was determined to use what I already had on hand.  This little plate was at Hobby Lobby last year.  So cute on my sideboard table.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge candlestick person.  Why?  Because I really like the scented large candles that stand alone.  This brings me to another point though - you can really change the feel of a room based on the aroma that's in it!  Fall is a time for pumpkin spice, vanilla, cinnamon, and fresh-baked apple, or cookie scents.   

5.  Tiered trays or Stacked Pie Plates

My tip for this type of decor is to use leaves or greenery for some filler.  Pop in a few larger pieces like the shiny candle, ghost, Spooky sign, and bird.  Make sure the other side has larger things also.  Then fill in with small pumpkins, berries, pinecones, small votives, etc.  I'm looking forward (already) to seeing what this becomes for Christmas.   Tiered trays don't have to be a centerpiece.   You can use them anywhere!  Even your bathroom vanity could hold towels, soaps, and fun seasonal items.  

6.  Greenery or Faux Leaves/Garland/Sprays/Flowers

Depending on the season and the look you're going for, "greenery" can be used almost anywhere!  Unless it's in a pot, I hardly use it on its own anywhere.  Think of it as a filler and a way to add an organic touch to the decor.  Go back to all of the previous pictures and count the number of ways that I used some sort of greenery.  It's an essential decorating item that most people forget about.   

Shopping for the Classic Everyday Pieces

If you're in need of some basic decor items, here are some links for you. 🙂

For help with Thanksgiving Table Decorating, click here to see post.  You'll notice how I used some of the same items for the table last year!:)

Happy decorating for fall and every season!    


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