8 Pro Staging Tips for Selling

Are you ready to sell your house and know that you need to do more to market it?  If you were selling your car, you would definitely get it shined up, right!   So, here's where we spend time in home staging.   I'm sharing 8 Pro Home Staging Tips to help you get it ready!  Grab a notepad and write these down.   And please call on us if you need help!

Not selling?    Did you know that some people actually live this way (with their houses in immaculate condition) 90% of the time? It's a fact that we feel more inspired and at peace when we live in a well-organized, stylish home.  These tips can help you love your home and achieve that "calm" you may be looking for even if you're choosing to stay where you live.  🙂

Pro Tip #1:  Update Light Fixtures and Bulbs

All bulbs should match, at least within the same light fixture.  I prefer those that are not too yellow and not too blue. I call them the "goldilocks" lightbulb. They should also be at the greatest wattage to brighten and enlarge your rooms. Look for 3000-3500 Kelvin on the box.  A modern light fixture is a great addition, especially in the dining room and bathrooms. Lights under your cabinets is a bonus selling feature. Once you have those, you'll never go without them again!

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Pro Tip #2: Choose a neutral paint color. 

This girl's room would be adorable with pink walls, but when it's time to sell, buyers really do not want to have to move in and paint. This is called a "price-eroding" factor because buyers will over-estimate how much time and/or money it takes to paint it. They'll be inclined to offer less for the house. Go ahead and paint a fresh neutral tone that everyone will accept. You'll be glad that you did it!  Read 3 Steps to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger for some favorite neutral paint colors. 

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ProTip #3: Add modern throw pillows to sofas and beds.

An abundance of pillows evokes the feeling of comfort and coziness. Pillows can disguise older looking furniture or flat bed pillows by drawing attention away from what's really there. People aren't buying your furniture, I get it!  But you want the buyer to feel like your home is updated and modern. This is my favorite sneaky way to get it looking that way!  

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teal blue pillow cover
yellow pillow
striped yellow and purple pillow

                Cool pillows!  By purchasing through my link, I may earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.                        Read the descriptions carefully.  🙂

Pro Tip #4 Create an Emotional Connection

People buy houses when they emotionally connect to them. That connection might be a reading nook near a window with a great view, a coffee set-up on the kitchen countertop or a simple centerpiece with something organic, like we have here. What would help you emotionally connect to a room? That's what buyers might like to see too!

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Pro Tip #5  Add Large Scale Art

And ... take away most of the small art, except maybe in a niche or bathroom. Most buyers have way too many things on their walls which makes the rooms look smaller. Personal photos, certificates, and sports posters don't really count as art.  Go ahead and prepack these things.  Bonus tip: Use colors in the art to match some throw pillows!

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Pro Tip #6 Create a Spa Feeling

Doesn't everyone love a spa feeling? A room that looks clean, spacious, and luxurious? That's the goal when staging your bathrooms to sell. Strive to style all your bathrooms this way, but focus on the owners' bathroom the most! Hide your cleaning products and toiletries, neatly hang fresh towels, bring in a plant or two, let in the natural light, and maintain lots of clean, clean, clean!

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Pro Tip #7 Stage the Back Yard

Buyers highly consider outdoor living space when purchasing a home. Whether you have a built-in kitchen with outdoor dining space or a simple patio with comfortable chairs, style your space as if you were entertaining. Use throw pillows or cushions, add a pop of color through accessories or flowers, and bring out some snacks or beverages. Help buyers visualize the way they'd like to live.

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Pro Tip #8 Strive for Balance

Balance and symmetry are not the same thing, but both are very comfortable feeling for everyone. Most people don't see what's wrong when there is no balance, but they no that something is "off."  What does balance mean? Imagine your room as a rowboat. You don't want to have too many heavy things on one side, which would cause the boat to tip over. Instead, move large pieces around to create balance. Have too many large pieces? Remove them when selling.

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Staged homes usually sell 2-3 times faster and for more money.  Using these 8 Pro Staging Tips should help you along the way to preparing your house to sell.   Need more help or want to really fine tune everything?  That's what we specialize in.  Hope these will help you get started!

Want to read more about creating a calm and happy home because you're staying put?  I found this article 10 Design Secrets for a Calm and Happy Home that you may enjoy!

Happy staging and selling, or happy styling to stay put!


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