Decorate with No Money!

After I took down all of the Christmas decorations and cleaned all day, my living spaces were a blank canvas.  A few days later, my son and I spent half a day shopping (mostly looking) at The Shops at Clear Fork in Ft. Worth.  They have several home furniture and decor stores there.   One that I absolutely love is Arhaus.  The employees there are so friendly and everything is like eye candy.  Walking around, I began noticing how they used branches and twigs to decorate large wall spaces.  The photo above is one of the walls that inspired me to make some changes in my own home.

First, I gathered a bunch of branches of different sizes from the two trees that my husband had chopped down.   (Always sad to see trees die!)  I brought several into the house and began to play with them.  This metal basket is pretty much the “collection” of them in case I want to use more.

I put several in the yellow ceramic pitcher that we’ve had for years.  This was given to us, and it’s a perfect size for general decorating.  The white wood mirror was behind some Christmas decor, so I just left it there.

Finally, I put a branch or two on the fireplace mantle, adding another layer to the display.  Do you like the simple gray “wave” on the gold framed art?  Previously that was a mauve matte with mauve, green and country blue flowers – a cottage look from the 80’s.  Rather than get rid of it, I simply painted everything white and added a gray wave with acrylic paint.  My inspiration for that came from Pinterest.  Overall, I think I spent $2-3.00 for some paint.    Adding a bit of nature in your home is always smart and practically free.

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