On a Personal Note...

Shana Hutson owner/designer

Hi!  I'm Shana (pronounced Shaw-nuh).  

You can thank my parents for that interesting spelling! 

On a personal note, I have to admit I'm pretty much a house "nerd."  I enjoy visiting open houses, wandering through furniture stores, and checking out the home and accessory sections of stores. I'm a huge HGTV fan because it's usually inspiring, and hey, the content is always appropriate if little kids wander in while you're watching it, right?

I have a "knack" of walking into a room and visualizing changes that could be made to improve the look. Even while babysitting as a teenager, those houses were my creative playgrounds, even if only in my mind.  Ha!   As a young adult, I thought most people were into design and home style as much as I was, but then I realized that's certainly not true.  Only about 10% of humans have the natural ability to visualize changes within rooms, and I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.  🙂

My strong belief is that any house can shine with the right pieces in the right location.  I'm passionate about every design whether staging for sellers or creating "home" for owners. I am an HSR Certified Professional home stager and interior stylist serving the Arlington, Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas area.  

I am the 2021 President for the Dallas Chapter of Real Estate Stagers Association, and I have completed the most comprehensive and intensive home staging and redesign certification courses in North America provided by the Home Staging Resource.

I'm ready and eager to help you with your house!



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