Too Cheap to Stage?

A smart real estate agent buys a home that he wants to flip - a flip property - a fixer upper.  You know, whatever you want to call it.  Drab to Fab!   He spends a decent amount of money replacing the roof, flooring, hvac, and appliances. He updates the countertops to granite and installs trendy tile.  Nice paint and bedroom carpet take the house from a smoky cigarette stinch to a new-build aroma.  Nice barn doors even allow a flex space to be an office, dining room, or fourth bedroom.  Outside, new paint, some mulch, flowerbed landscaping, and a new wood deck improve the curb appeal and backyard.  Oh, did I mention the nasty hot tub was removed?  Yay!  Now, another big option...the decision to stage or not to stage?  

Can we just start at the entry??   A new door allows more light to flow in to an otherwise dark hallway. Cohesive laminate flooring, new wall, door, and trim paint provide a nice first impression. Notice the cool barn door that opens up to what we staged as an office.

And now for the rooms...

A closet was added to the mirror wall.  The small bump out just used a bit of the garage space without inhibiting parking inside.  This adds extra storage space in this buyer's flex-room.  The new lighting is definitely a hit, and now home-shoppers can visualize one way to use this room.  This room seems huge, and it's due to the furniture placement and the cowhide rug.

Oh my!  I can almost smell that smoke on the walls from here.  The living room had to show the buyers how one could use the space.  A large area rug grounds the furniture and the light furniture with pops of color help the room to appear even larger.  A glass coffee table also gives a spacious feel since light can flow through it.   

From this angle, a couple of emotional connection points in the kitchen was all that was needed to show off these freshly painted cabinets, new granite, tile, sink, and faucet.  What a difference!   Did you notice that the flooring is the same throughout?  That's a smart decision that brings flow to the house, making it seem bigger than it is.  Did you know that during staging consultations, we give sellers advice like this if it's in their budget to replace flooring? Explaining "why" is our specialty.

Okay, I admit this fresh bathroom could sell itself, but creating a spa-look with fluffy towels, natural plants and an organized tray of essentials say, "'re going to love living here."

And here's the tiny master bathroom.  Don't you love the clear glass door?  The vanity had to be switched to the other wall for the shower door to function, which still works!  We brought in this antique gold mirror to warm up the feel of the room.  What an improvement, right?

And now for the master and one of the secondary bedrooms.  Buyers can now visualize the roominess here.  A queen bed is in the master with room to spare, and the twin-sized bed in this cute kid's room is sure to attract a family with children.  Soooo much better than just empty rooms with four walls.

So now the big question...Is it worth less than $2000 to attract multiple buyers and have it under contract within a week?   This agent thinks it is.  When you're holding a property, every week on the market costs you more and more money.   Get it sold as soon as possible and look for another property. 

Do you have questions about staging?  We have answers, and we're here to help! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of this investment property.  Thanks for staying in touch.  What topics would you like me to include on this blog?  Do you enjoy the before and after stories?  Do you need more content to share with your sellers?   My goal is to add value to you and your sellers, so I'd love to hear your ideas.

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Remember, we're here to help!

You relax.  We stage.

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