Top 10 Holiday Design Tips

Simple Tips For the Season

           #10 Use ornaments in unexpected places throughout your home. A bowl                filled with shiny ornaments looks great in the kitchen or on a side table.

#9 Use lots of white lights (make sure they all work before placing on tree or garland). Battery operated twinkle lights look festive when mixed in with ornaments.

photo from Pinterest: grandin road

#8 Use beautifully wrapped gifts as decor scattered throughout your home. Choose wrap and ribbon that matches your theme.

#7 Use Christmas tree greenery clippings to add beauty and fragrance to your mantel, table centerpieces, everywhere! You can pick up free clippings where they sell live trees.

Photo from Pinterest


#6 Pick a style and color theme. Then stick with it!  Check my Christmas pinterest board for ideas. Remember your packages can carry this theme throughout.

Pinterest:  Jones Design Company

#5 Add lots of texture. Cozy throws, fluffy pillows, burlap ribbon or table runners, sparkly glass, shiny ornaments, nubby get the picture. Mix it up!

Houzz: Robeson Design

#4 When hanging ornaments on your tree, larger ones should go near the bottom. Smaller toward the top. Hang "filler" and "less expensive" shiny balls on the inner branches. This gives dimension to your tree and the ornaments reflect more light.

#3 Group your personal collections together. If you love nutcrackers, but they are scattered and lonely, it's not much of a collection. Instead, group them in clusters of 3 or 5 around your home. If you collect spoons, wrap decorative ribbon as bows around the top and hang them on your tree for a unique personal touch. What collections do you have? I collect whimsical Santas.

#2 Add the warmth and fragrance of candles. Aromas that remind us of yummy desserts are my favorite! Also, I love Woodwick candles because they crackle and sound like a fire.

Pinterest:  blog.balsamhill

#1 Floral picks can add so much to your tree and garlands. Just poke them in. They can add drama to the tree topper, and make the tree more interesting looking.

I hope you enjoy these design tips. Most of all, remember to spend time with the    ones you love! Baking cookies, sipping hot cocoa, touring Christmas lights,        singing holiday songs.... those are my favorites and repeating them year                after year creates lasting memories.
May you be blessed this Christmas season!

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